Credit Unions

Credit unions are faced with regulatory challenges and typically rely on third party companies to ensure compliance with BSA and FinCEN. Ledger Green assists credit unions with onboarding, KYC/KYB, Enhanced due diligence, transaction monitoring, and risk mitigation.

State Chartered Banks

Ledger Green assists state chartered banks with BSA adherence, transaction monitoring, risk controls, and ultimately increases transparency and traceability.

Financial Institutions

The AML program and risk controls were built by top ex-government officials while maintaining requirements for new advancements in technology and omni-channel verticals.


Fraud Detection & Mitigation

Programatically detect potential fraud through preventative checks and case management.

Compliance Automation

Automated AML program that satisfies BSA requirements, CIP/KYC, Enhanced Due Diligence, and automated SAR filings.

Transaction Monitoring

Leverage machine learning and AI to detect potential fraud and regulatory exposure.

KYC Engine

Full platform for business onboarding, covered individual analysis, negative news, fraud, and financial analysis with proprietary risk scoring.

KYC engine & Customer Management

Customer onboard and automated reviews, secure ticketing and messaging center, secure document upload and review, case management.

Secure & Traceable Transactions

Criminals are increasingly leveraging new methods of laundering funds derived from illegal activities through the use of luxury goods and other sophisticated mechanisms. The Ledger Green platform identifies all parties within a transaction and normalizes behavior through historical trends resulting in full traceability across the transaction lifecycle.

Fraud Detection & Anti money laundering

The solution reduces fraud by over 80% through customer validation, identity verification, billing validation, and historical transaction patterns running through machine learning models to identify deviations.




Transactions Monitored


Financial Institutions


Reduction in Fraud

Regulatory News